sábado, 4 de febrero de 2017

Paintschainer, a new coloring toy

I was just scrolling down on an anime group on facebook and someone posted a new AI coloring APP that is making mangakas go bonkers these past few days. The online program is called Paintschainer and I just had to try it out.

Basically you upload a random small image (the pixel image limit sure sucks) and the program does an initial random coloring scheme. If you aren't happy with the result, you just simply clic colors with a simple paint type menu and then clic on colorize and just keep on fooling around until you find a result you like.

The images don't even have to be black & white, I tired out a small Hama drawing to see the result and they vary a lot. The automatic coloring indeed works best with B&W drawings.


Saiylan looks rather odd with dark hair.

All in all, with just taking some quick drawings, the software cuts up the painting time by 95%. If it could accept images that are larger than 1000 pixels it would be a sure winner. However, it's indeed insanely addictive. I'm having a lot of fun playing around with it.

If your curiosity has been piqued, why not try it out? Click HERE and have fun!

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