martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Feb 10th lunar eclipse: FAIL!

I had high hopes for last Friday's lunar eclipse. It was going to happen unusually early in North America and that day the Yucatan peninsula had a lot of sun with just some clouds, just the right amount that allowed me to not go overboard with the sunscreen. I had barely arrived at Playa del Carmen's bus terminal at around 6:30 pm which was when the reported maximum eclipse was going to happen. And so I tread to the insanely overcrowded Mamitas beach with high hopes of being amazed.

Okay, so this time around, PDC's famous beach isn't invaded by a swarm of hideous sargazo algae like the last time I was in town last August. Good. The sunset's color were brilliant and the blues in the ocean were sure nice. The only thing missing was the damn eclipse. So I turn around towards the northeast which is where the eclipse should be visible... and you guessed it, clouds! Lots and lots of clouds right in the wrong place at the wrong time. AAAARGH!

Go away!!! NOOOOOO!!! UGH!!! Just assume the moon was glowing gold uh... somewhere over there. ARGGGHHHH!!!

Beaten and defeated, I wasted 20 minutes at a bus stop where none of the buses to where I wanted to go stopped. After sending some insults to the bus stop guy that marked me as a gringa tourist (I sure told him to put a sock in his mouth to not assume anything), I got on a bus that didn't take me directly to my destination, but just 2 blocks away. By then it was dark and I did catch a glimpse of the eclipse ending with just a menial tone of grey to the side at a brief moment where the sky was clear. Sadly I stupidly didn't take the photo.

I got outside to try to take at least one photo to claim I saw the eclipse.. and the clouds came back and that was pretty much it. UGH! I hate this!

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