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An excellent dark fantasy ebook

I have been reading quite a lot of books lately, many of them courtesy copies from established and upcoming indie authors. As a common courtesy I have written a review for each book I have read. I hope my books start to get much-needed reviews soon because I'm now living with a decreased income and could use the extra help.

Tonight I want to give some free publicity to a dark fantasy book by an indie author named A. J. Francis. I bumped into Hollow Eyes during a forum discussion about really good covers and taking advantage it's a Kindle Unlimited title, I wanted to read the book immediately. I was literally blown away at how awesome the book is.

Hollow Eyes is a dark novella that takes place in a ruined unnamed city that is locked inside of a powerful magical energy field in a desperate attempt several decades ago to trap inside a horde of zombie like monsters. A handful of unfortunate humans still reside in this hell-hole and try their best to survive while they find a way to communicate with the outside world and escape their prison.

Meddled into all of this is the story's hero Estin. He is not a human being, but he's not a zombie monster either. He is a sort of undead being that is now a walking skeleton with some degree of intelligence that needs to drink blood to survive. Estin lives in the sewers of the dilapidated city, feeds off of rats, and sometimes visits the cemetery to stare at his tombstone hoping he might recover his memories when he used to be a human.

He hates the zombies that are fortunately afraid of the rain and tries to behead them with a rusted sword whenever he can. One day when he attacks a few couregeous human survivors to feast on their blood he meets a little girl named Miro. There is something about this terrified girl that intrigues him and a desire to protect her from the zombies becomes his new mission. He hasn't realized this girl with psychic powers might hold the clue to regaining his memories.

If you like dark fantasy stories with zombies, you should really read this book.

Read Hollow Eyes HERE

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