sábado, 4 de febrero de 2017

I don't just draw with a computer mouse

People might feel curious about how I draw the artwork of An Ominous Book. It's a computer program called Photoshop and a cheap mouse I bought at Walmart for 60 MXN that oddly enough hasn't gone bust. I've always had bad luck with the expensive 250 MXN mouses that die on you in 6 months. Even though my hand gets exhausted with my cheapo blue mouse after a while, I've had it for nearly 3 years.

I have some unfinished photoshop drawings that I haven't published yet. I might finish them when I am in the mood. HOWEVER! While I must agree people are really impressed I have the hand dexterity to draw with a mouse that should be really hard to do, I have been drawing doodles on my notebooks for ages.

I purchased some really wicked markers in Washington DC that you can't easily get in Mexico and I will try to draw more often. On the meanwhile, I wish to present two dawings that I scanned and fixed a few blemishes on the computer. I know, I wished they sold skin colored markers that weren't soooooo... pink.


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