lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2018

Draconian ways to fix page numbering in word documents

Along with countless other indie authors, I used createspace for my paperbacks. Expensive? Verymuch for mexican standards when you include shipping. But the chance to print on demand to save storage space is practical.

Amazon bought the site several years ago and both sort of worked independantly. Createspace offers nice easy to use templates as well.

However, Amazon is now integrating both services and the transition has been problematic for many autors. The bugs prompted me to wait until I had no other choice and even today it is still buggy.

I have several books deemed unsuitable for kdps publishing standards. Mostly the page numbering issues which have been problematic because word is very jumpy and psychotic placing the page numbers automatically it feels like.

Okay, so maybe I should ditch the casual pc user and learn a real software like InDesign. The issue comes with finding the free time to learn how to properly use it which I don't have right now.

Nobody on the internet seems to know how to get around this issue. Last Friday I was fiddling with the bloody program and found an insanely tedious way to fix the paging issue to keep up to Kdps demands and retain the overall style I personally like.

I have sent the fixed files for books 1, 2, 3 for Amazon to approve. I should have books 4,5,6 within the next few days which might take longer because they are longer novels.

Book 7 is also almost fully formatted up to kdp standards. I will draw a cover within these next few days and hope to have it finally published!!

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2018

Writing updates!

I have completed the first 9 chapters and did 50% of the 10th chapter of a new fantasy novel. It's unrelated to An Ominous Book and titled "Hyperian Monarch". The story is indeed rather odd I dare say and it has been a very difficult book to write.

I have around 25,000 words finished and at the rate the book is heading along, it is probably around 50% done.

If I try to keep up with 2 chapters a month at the slowest, I should have a finished manuscript in around 4-5 months at the latest.

I will probably be asking people around if any one of them is interested to beta read it and give valuable input.

Well, just here to show that while sparingly, I am still writing.

Thank you!

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2018

A writing pet peeve of mine

Like any reader, there are things in stories (not just books, I am currently musing animated tv shows) that I find to be annoying.

Today, I am going to write a small excerpt about something that always annoys me about some shows: screwing up winter and summer.

But... what about Game of Thrones? That tv show doesn't count because it purposely states it's based in a strange magical world where winter and summer can last for several years at unpredictable intervals. I am personally unsure how this strange seasonal structure works. Either perhaps the world is flat and the sun bounces farther away, or the world has a very elliptical orbit.

But, let's get back to my main pet peeve case in point.

If you have ever traveled from the North to Southern hemisphere as I have, you will soon realize the seasons are reversed. I went to Chile on two occasions during October-November and enjoyed the country during their Spring.

Also, the closer you get to the poles, the days & nights will suffer from a starker contrast. Guatemala is closer to the Equator than Mexico, and therefore, while they still enjoy some variance of weather during the differing seasons, the hours that last each day show far less variation than Mexico. Pretty much, their people are used to seeing the sun come up around 6 am and setting at 6 pm all year round.

If you travel to the other side of the world, the hours will be vastly warped. The only hours of the day where it seemed sensible to chat with loved ones when I visited Japan and China was either very early in the morning, or between 8-11 pm Asia's local Time.

When writing a book, it doesn't take much brain power to keep these little writing tidbits into the equation. It would be just as dumb to state the sun sets at midnight in Quito Ecuador, as it would be dumb to state the sun is shining brightly in a village close to the polar circle during the respective hemisphere's Winter Festival.

Yes, I'm looking at you, Korra's hometown in the new Avatar series!

In the best of cases, shouldn't the daylight hours of her city lasted just 1-2 hours during the Winter Solstice?

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2018

Helping the stray cats of Playa del Carmen pt2

Its a miracle but I easily got mamma cat into a carrier cage and she has been successfully spayed. Yaaay! No more needy and unwanted baby kittens from her anymore. As if Quintana Roo didn't have enough unwanted stray cats.

The vet was unsure about operating her without an appointment at 7:30 pm, but his fears eased when he realized I was a medical doctor.. and an anesthesiologist to boot!

I'm just waiting for her to wake up and release her back into the wild. She somewhat lets me pet her, and if I had more time I could domesticate her. But I am leaving for another city in a few days and nobody would adopt her. I just hope she just tries to stay out of trouble. Maybe I can't give her the home life she deserves, but at least she won't have more litters.

Speaking of litters, her 3 kittens just got their first vaccine and I'm trying to use social media to find them a home. It would be horribly cruel to leave them cooped up in a tiny cage in a poorly ventilated bathroom. If I can't find them a home pronto, I will bw forced to release them into the wild as strays knowing that they could have lived well as domesticated pets.

Thanks for reading and know I paid these medical bills with my own pocket because I care a lot about animals.

Helping the stray cats of Playa

I have been short on free time to read and write novels. Among other things occupying my free vacayion time, is an important mission: save a family of feral stray cats.

The mom cat is totally feral.and trapping her might prove to be a challenge. I helped catch her 3 babies with hopes of finding a home. They are 3 females that can eat semisolid Whiskas treats. They are around 6 weeks old, a bit on the scrawny side but with some food they should pick up.

One is a  black panther, the second a tuxedo girl amd the last one a spunky tortie. I plan on bringing them to a vet to get washed, parasites removed and vaccinated. And then promote the hell out of these innocent sweeties who deserve a better life.

I took a photo of the panther girl, once she is in your arms, she doesn't fight you. They still have a chance to become domesticated.

I hope to at least spay mommy and release her. Maybe with a lot of TLC, she might become semi domesticated. Looks to be around 2 years old.

Maybe renting a car wasn't such an insane idea afterall!

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2018


I'm bored and decided to quickly draw Froylan's phantom beast for the first time.

What is a Levanant?

Lord Froylan is a recurring enemy/antagonist/sometimes a good guy in An Ominous Book. It seems to be common knowledge by everyone that he's a fire mage, but not everyone knows which beast he summons.

Here is a small excerpt from An Ominous Book when Spaulding speaks to Froylan.

“So am I under arrest, Lord Froylan?”
“Not at all, much to my chagrin. Get on my phantom beast so that I can sleep for a couple of hours before the morning meeting.” Froylan summoned a phantom beast that resembled a large lizard with two tails that was constantly enveloped in flames.
“I didn't know you could summon a Levanant Froylan-suits you perfectly.”
“Stop wasting my time and get on it already.”
Spaulding shrugged his shoulders and sat on the back, whereas Froylan flapped his black cape on Spaulding's face as he sat down in front. Spaulding was certain he did it on purpose with the sole purpose of annoying him. He turned around and frowned.
“Froylan is sure having a ball annoying me. Why did he order so many guards to summon their phantom beasts to chaperone us?”
The Levanant ran past the gigantic bridge and across the stone paved road. Spaulding’s face was constantly being hit with Froylan's cape which annoyed him to no end as the beast ran up the road that eventually took them to a large stone courtyard surrounded by one hundred Äimite. The group of guards riding behind with their phantom beasts dismounted and stood at a safe distance.

The books don't delve much further about the beast. Froylan usually kills his enemies with his sword or burns them alive. However, we do get the chance to see him drop his Levanant into an active volcano in the third book in order to move the lava at free will!

I always have a lot of fun writing scenes where Froylan appears. He's just a really appealing good for nothing crook with a plan under his sleeves. I never drew his phantom beast before, but I think my drawing came out close to how I always imagined it.


domingo, 7 de octubre de 2018

An Ominous Book and Inktober 2018

I usually don't follow trends and much less graphics designing stuff, but I sometimes get asked to do things by friends to see if a theory they have is correct, or something of the sort.

I never really planned on doing anything for the Inktober 2018 Challenge (quite frankly, I didn't even know such a contest even existed), but my friend really wanted my help, so I said ok.

October 7th challenge was to draw something that was "Exhausted." Now, I love to draw stuff related to my book series, and it's a running gag in the series that Spaulding is a rare dual element mage, which mostly causes him more troubles in his life than benefits. After discovering that harlequin elves can fuse both of their elements into their demonic phantom beasts, Spaulding began to wonder if he would be capable of fusing water magic into his Hiratori and make it change to his weak element. He kindly asked Damantin for his assistance, but he simply scratched his head and had a hard time thinking of an answer because his innate harlequin magic is simply too different from regular magic to make him an appropriate teacher.

However, Hama in book 7 is of greater assistance because for some unknown reason, she had a really hard time exploiting her dormant water magic herself, and her own demonic beast is a fire element beast the majority of the time. She had to train for many years to switch into her weak water element mode. Hama's tribulations learning how to master her weak element were a godsend for Spaulding, and during the course of one winter, she slowly teaches her father how to change his Hiratori into a sort of icy bird. After exerting himself, Spaulding manages this great feat, and it did left him drained of mana very easily. The drawing I made has a blatant mistake: Spaulding never performed this technique while wearing his father's armor. He was wearing Elf King attire. However, it's a drawing, so who cares?!

October 8th challenge is to draw something with a star in it. This one is a bit tricky, because I don't really recall stars having a particular importance in my novels. However, the Dead Castle that Nelida created in the 2nd book Separation is featured during the nighttime where the moon and stars illuminate its eerily crystalline luminescence. Claimed to have been the most beautiful building ever seen by a myraid of characters, Spaulding felt great despair in the 4th book when he saw it with his own eyes because he already knew it was made with the corpses of thousands of innocent human beings. Nelida isn't my favorite villain of the series, but some readers seem to love her because of the irony that a sweet child could end up being posessed by a malignant demonic artifact which forced her to create this deathly masterpiece. I concur that Nelida's proportions were sort of out of whack, which proves I really should be drawing a whole lot more to improve in my craft.

I'm very poor at drawing buildings, and quite frankly, I always imagined the dead castle to look a whole lot different in my imagination. But it was still fun to make this drawing to get a heads start on another day of the challenge.

I don't know if I will draw some of the other days, a lot of the selected words have nothing to do with my book series, and I seldom feel like drawing stuff that isn't related to my authoring work. But maybe you can stay tuned to my instagram account and see if I upload something else!

An Ominous Book 2, Separation on Amazon
An Ominous Book 4, Diaspora on Amazon
My instagram

And while technically I have finished writing the 7th novel Harlequins approximately 6 months ago, I haven't had the chance to finish drawing the cover art to officially publish it as a full-fledged ebook. Maybe if I got more reviews of my books (or in the very least, some more purchases or KU borrows, because any exposure of my books to new readers makes me feel happy), I'd feel more compelled to get my butt moving and draw some random cover already!

If you have read my books, which scenes did you personally enjoy? Is there a particular scene from my books you'd like me to draw? Perhaps a specific phantom beast?

I have realized I have many things in my series that have never been drawn before. Hrm...