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I'm bored and decided to quickly draw Froylan's phantom beast for the first time.

What is a Levanant?

Lord Froylan is a recurring enemy/antagonist/sometimes a good guy in An Ominous Book. It seems to be common knowledge by everyone that he's a fire mage, but not everyone knows which beast he summons.

Here is a small excerpt from An Ominous Book when Spaulding speaks to Froylan.

“So am I under arrest, Lord Froylan?”
“Not at all, much to my chagrin. Get on my phantom beast so that I can sleep for a couple of hours before the morning meeting.” Froylan summoned a phantom beast that resembled a large lizard with two tails that was constantly enveloped in flames.
“I didn't know you could summon a Levanant Froylan-suits you perfectly.”
“Stop wasting my time and get on it already.”
Spaulding shrugged his shoulders and sat on the back, whereas Froylan flapped his black cape on Spaulding's face as he sat down in front. Spaulding was certain he did it on purpose with the sole purpose of annoying him. He turned around and frowned.
“Froylan is sure having a ball annoying me. Why did he order so many guards to summon their phantom beasts to chaperone us?”
The Levanant ran past the gigantic bridge and across the stone paved road. Spaulding’s face was constantly being hit with Froylan's cape which annoyed him to no end as the beast ran up the road that eventually took them to a large stone courtyard surrounded by one hundred Äimite. The group of guards riding behind with their phantom beasts dismounted and stood at a safe distance.

The books don't delve much further about the beast. Froylan usually kills his enemies with his sword or burns them alive. However, we do get the chance to see him drop his Levanant into an active volcano in the third book in order to move the lava at free will!

I always have a lot of fun writing scenes where Froylan appears. He's just a really appealing good for nothing crook with a plan under his sleeves. I never drew his phantom beast before, but I think my drawing came out close to how I always imagined it.


domingo, 7 de octubre de 2018

An Ominous Book and Inktober 2018

I usually don't follow trends and much less graphics designing stuff, but I sometimes get asked to do things by friends to see if a theory they have is correct, or something of the sort.

I never really planned on doing anything for the Inktober 2018 Challenge (quite frankly, I didn't even know such a contest even existed), but my friend really wanted my help, so I said ok.

October 7th challenge was to draw something that was "Exhausted." Now, I love to draw stuff related to my book series, and it's a running gag in the series that Spaulding is a rare dual element mage, which mostly causes him more troubles in his life than benefits. After discovering that harlequin elves can fuse both of their elements into their demonic phantom beasts, Spaulding began to wonder if he would be capable of fusing water magic into his Hiratori and make it change to his weak element. He kindly asked Damantin for his assistance, but he simply scratched his head and had a hard time thinking of an answer because his innate harlequin magic is simply too different from regular magic to make him an appropriate teacher.

However, Hama in book 7 is of greater assistance because for some unknown reason, she had a really hard time exploiting her dormant water magic herself, and her own demonic beast is a fire element beast the majority of the time. She had to train for many years to switch into her weak water element mode. Hama's tribulations learning how to master her weak element were a godsend for Spaulding, and during the course of one winter, she slowly teaches her father how to change his Hiratori into a sort of icy bird. After exerting himself, Spaulding manages this great feat, and it did left him drained of mana very easily. The drawing I made has a blatant mistake: Spaulding never performed this technique while wearing his father's armor. He was wearing Elf King attire. However, it's a drawing, so who cares?!

October 8th challenge is to draw something with a star in it. This one is a bit tricky, because I don't really recall stars having a particular importance in my novels. However, the Dead Castle that Nelida created in the 2nd book Separation is featured during the nighttime where the moon and stars illuminate its eerily crystalline luminescence. Claimed to have been the most beautiful building ever seen by a myraid of characters, Spaulding felt great despair in the 4th book when he saw it with his own eyes because he already knew it was made with the corpses of thousands of innocent human beings. Nelida isn't my favorite villain of the series, but some readers seem to love her because of the irony that a sweet child could end up being posessed by a malignant demonic artifact which forced her to create this deathly masterpiece. I concur that Nelida's proportions were sort of out of whack, which proves I really should be drawing a whole lot more to improve in my craft.

I'm very poor at drawing buildings, and quite frankly, I always imagined the dead castle to look a whole lot different in my imagination. But it was still fun to make this drawing to get a heads start on another day of the challenge.

I don't know if I will draw some of the other days, a lot of the selected words have nothing to do with my book series, and I seldom feel like drawing stuff that isn't related to my authoring work. But maybe you can stay tuned to my instagram account and see if I upload something else!

An Ominous Book 2, Separation on Amazon
An Ominous Book 4, Diaspora on Amazon
My instagram

And while technically I have finished writing the 7th novel Harlequins approximately 6 months ago, I haven't had the chance to finish drawing the cover art to officially publish it as a full-fledged ebook. Maybe if I got more reviews of my books (or in the very least, some more purchases or KU borrows, because any exposure of my books to new readers makes me feel happy), I'd feel more compelled to get my butt moving and draw some random cover already!

If you have read my books, which scenes did you personally enjoy? Is there a particular scene from my books you'd like me to draw? Perhaps a specific phantom beast?

I have realized I have many things in my series that have never been drawn before. Hrm...

miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2018

International blog visits

This post will be very brief. I started this blog to mainly talk about An Ominous Book, and I do indeed plan on eventually getting a real domain and create a formal website as such for my pet writing project when I have the free time. Hopefully that might happen in 2020 which each day is itching closer (yaay!).

Initially, my blog got occasional visits from mainly two countries: Germany and the US. While I seriously doubt I have ever sold a book by the few posts I have made on my blog, I do sometimes type random stuff that comes to mind whenever I have the fancy.

And these few two months, my page has been getting visitors from rather surprising countries.

My books have never, ever sold a copy in Japan, yet oddly enough, I got 80 page visits from that country.

Just these past 2 weels, I've had visitors from: Andorra, Iraq, India, China, Switzerland, Brazil, and Indonesia.

I do indeed feel a bit curious as to what search terms have enticed people from such a bizarre array of countries to stumble upon my blog. The majority of people who read my books live in either the US and England, so it simply befuddles me.

All in all, my blog gets a really pathetically small amount of views, but I still plan on continuing to write here every now and then when I have the fancy.


sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2018

Zodiac signs and blood types in An Ominous Book

This was a post I wanted to talk about for a while, but I never thought about this little tidbit about my books before. I like reason shoujo manga, and enjoy discovering the zodiac signs and blood types of the varying characters.

While western nations only follow zodiac signs and their association with some recurring personality traits, eastern nations put a lot of emphasis on blood types, assuming the ABO system somehow governs some quirks.

This is based on a book that was published in Japan in the 1970's (I have sadly not read the book), and while scientists think its fluff for the asian equivalent of Cosmo and Penthouse magazines, it's now rather ingrained in East Asian nations. Thus, it's rather commonplace for manga and anime to feature this extra information for the fans to get to know their favorite characters better.

I find this tidbit to be fun, and I did grant birthdays to at least a few characters from my series.

Lord Spaulding

Clan: Kasimma
Birthday: August 5th
Bloodtype: A
Elements: Fire/Water (a rare dual mage, albeit his stronger element is Fire)

Spaulding is a Leo, and a lot of the traits definitely show. He's brave, defends those that he holds dear, kind and affectionate to his loved ones, and people seem to unconsciously draw towards his energy and imposing presence. Leos are represented by the Sun, and it's only natural that his stronger fire attunement is a reflection of that.

While Spaulding carries a lot of the good traits of his zodiac sign, he also proves the negative. Opinionated and stubborn like a mule, his closed mindedness is a recurring theme in the story. He constantly gets into problems with the Elf King, the Äimite guard (the story eventually reveals the reason behind his bitterness towards the guard), and seems to have overall issues with authority figures. He can sometimes be a bit overconfident in his sorcery potential, and it shows.

As for his bloodtype, A's can be both analytical, loyal, gentle, consistent, which are rather in tune with his character. As for the negatives, once again stubborness, fastidiousness and his strong sensitivity overshadow his character. A is the poster child of introversion, and Spaulding's tendency to bottle up his feelings deep inside and preference towards the peaceful solitude of his office is a reflection of that.

Richard Earlrose

Clan: Honorary Kasimma (He's not an elf, but the kingdom somewhat accepts him as a member of the clan due to his blood ties with Spaulding)
Birthday: March 8th
Bloodtype: O
Elements: Water

If Spaulding is fire, then Richard is definitely attuned to the opposing element. Utterly kind, soft natured, compassionate to the bone, sensitive and notably selfless. By the cruel twists of fate, Richard's life as a lesser nobleman in Ayrtain is ripped apart after his father's Aurethid's murder, which culminated in his mother Eurithia's suicide, the brief time he lived with his maternal uncle Reginald, and subsecuent kidnapping by human traffickers that was organized by his uncle as a means to steal his nobility title. Despite everything that happened, Richard seems to adapt remarkably well to new circumstances and genuinely wants to live with his mysterious elf uncle Spaulding.

An Ominous Book however doesn't give Richard a good respite, for Spaulding has to find the way to return him to his remaining human blood relatives in Ayrtain. His human blood doesn't allow him to remain in the kingdom, and despite his fondness for the uncle that he admires as a true fatherly figure, the two don't get to spend much time together in the novels until the 7th book.

His compassion is deeply reflected in his curative water magic, which can serve as a strong reflection of the agression of fire magic. If there was a downside, Richard can be overidealistic, and while it surely counters Spaulding's negativity regarding Lord Froylan (Richard eventually discovers he and Froylan can get along rather well), he doesn't seem to view things with a ruler's eyes. Spaulding teaches him more than one lesson regarding showing strength towards your people, even if it means being cruel when it's needed.

As a Type O, Richard can be open with his feelings in stark contrast to Spaulding.


Clan: Chirino
Birthday: May 16th
Bloodtype: O
Elements: Earth

Richard was surprised to know that Trevilin isn't a member of the Arima Clan despite his close relationship with the Clan Leader. Much isn't openly revealed about his personal life during the novels. He has worked as a ranger for an unspecified number of years, and while he worked in a different post from Spaulding, their working regions were sufficiently close for both elves to see each other on a regular basis. As Spaulding's best friend, he is down to earth, and generous. On the downside, he can be a bit posessive of Spaulding's feelings, going to great lengths when bad things happen to his friend.

That's it for now! I might add a post for other characters whenever I am in the mood.

viernes, 24 de agosto de 2018

Hyperian Monarch

My current YA paranormal fantasy book which is an ongoing project. I am quickly writing one chapter per week and hope it is completed soon. I plan on making this a solo book with no series in mind. Hopefully it will be under 80,000 pages.

I dare say, it feels vastly different from An Ominous Book in feel as it's both written in 1st person POV and the protagonist Lydia is such a contrasting different person from the quiet Spaulding.

Lydia only wanted to go to a prestigious magic school to become a culinarist. She didn't ask to participate in a sordid game where she is forced to compete against 99 other magicians to rule the world.

The worst part?

She is slowly turning into a monster and might be enjoying the challenge afterall... if she can find the way to win the heart of the enigmatic heir to one of the wealthiest families along the way.
Read it as I write it while you still can free on Wattpad!

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A book haul!

If you are an author that sells books on Amazon, you might have noticed that the website started offering creating paperback books with a really sloppy beta copycat of Createspace.

I never bothered to move my physical books at the time because you couldn't. You had to start the process all over again with a new ISBN code. It was in beta, so the little details regarding uploading the files was too much of a hassle.

Now that there are rumors circulating around the web that Amazon is going to shut down Createspace, if you have any files there, I suggest you should move them pronto.

Amazon KDP has finally improved the process and now you are allowed to move your Createspace books by pasting the ISBN 13 code when you click on making a paperback. Amazon will pull the Createspace file, although I personally opted to upload .docx files from my laptop because I didn't trust the sharpness of the text on pdf format.

Moving the files was reasonably fast and Amazon takes a bit less time to approve a draft than Createspace did.

I left the prices the same BTW.

On another related topic, I have finally finished brushing the text of the 7th book Harlequins and it is ready for publishing. I just need a cover for it. Oh, and to purchase a copyright as well.

I'm 30-40% into brushing the text of the 8th and final book of my series Mortality and I hope to send the petition for a copyright together to save money and time. Those will be two covers that need to be made, ouch.

Given my long series doesn't make a lot of money, I see no harm in simply publishing both books together to finish with this series so that I can set my attention on my new Young Adult fantasy book that has absolutely nothing to do with An Ominous Book.

If you are wishing to get a free ARC copy, feel free to ask in the comments!

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A huge achievement

Last night, I feel like I closed a chapter by finishing the 8th book. Neither the 7th and 8th An Ominous Books have been "officially" published. It's a well-known fact that stretching series indefinitely accrues very few sales, so I don't know if I would be interested in pushing the publicity for two books that took me a very long amount of time to write for few economic rewards.

It's probably more of a pet project than anything else at this point.

I do leave a lot of unresolved issues at the end of the 8th book and there are things I'd like for the story. I might feel tempted to write a 9th book as a sort of standalone story to close other possibilities, and I'm certain it would be very fun to write it.

And here comes the conundrum: Few people will actually care if I write more sequels.

It's a tough call, because I find it very fun to write therse novels. I could very easily do the draft for a 9th novel in 6 months at the current pace I write in odd bursts of free time/inspiration/urgency to finish the blasted story.

However, I would also like to write about other stories filled with fantasy, and even other Young Adult novels that have absolutely no fantasy elements whatsoever. The possibilities are infinite.

For now, I have to make the tough choice to close the final chapter of this amazing series. It was a really fun ride.

I do wish to continue drawing artwork related to the series, because it's so damn fun. Problem is, drawing takes a huge amount of time for me and I just don't have a lot of time to draw these days.

And while I feel sad about leaving more stories on hold, it doesn't mean I am totally against writing more as pet projects.

All in all, good day, Spaulding. It was a real thrill writing your story these past 3 years!

No, this isn't Spaulding, it is a very crummy Hama drawing I quickly made with Photoshop. The lack of my intuos pen obviously shows.

If you are one of the... what... 5 people? That have bothered to read my book series to the end, wow, I'm amazed that you made it so far.

Maybe you could do me a huge favor and reviewing my work on Amazon and Goodreads, I could surely use the reviews!