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Character Profile: Lord Spaulding of the Kasimma Clan

These are my final 2 days of loitering before I am expected to begin my residency so I am granting readers a little treat. Whenever I have the time, I hope to complete artwork of several characters from my series and offer an insight of them (without spoiling too much on the way). I will probably someday purchase a domain and haul these profiles there. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy learning more about the characters from An Ominous Book Series.

If you are wondering, bloodtypes are a huge thing in Eastern Asia. They along with zodiac signs help show some personality traits. If you are curious, I myself am a type A and the neuroticism of the type is quite close to home.

Name: Lord Spaulding
Race: Elf with distant human ancestry
Associated Clan: Kasimma
Birthday: August 5th
Bloodtype: A
Sorcery: Fire/Water
Phantom Beast: Hiratori (a sort of fire bird)
Occupation: Clan Leader/Ranger
Known relatives: Noeru (father, deceased), Ariel (mother, deceased), Hamarin (political uncle), Richard Earlrose (distant nephew), Nelida Earlrose (distant niece)

Lord Spaulding is the main hero of An Ominous Book. A rare mortal elf that saw his elderly father Noeru die from old age as a child, he inherited the clan's leadership at a young age but soon became bored with the comfortable nobleelf lifestyle. Several decades before the beginning of the story, he manages to convince the Elf King Salman to train as a ranger and works part of the year policing the lands from meandering common criminals.

Spaulding is not a common person in the Elf Kingdom, he belongs to a rare minority of the nation's population that is attuned to two magic elements at the same time. While he is a massively impressive fire mage, Spaulding's mediocre water sorcery has caught Salman's interest and wishes to force him to join his elite army known as the Äimite guard at all costs.

It is explained early in the series that Spaulding doesn't have any known blood elf relatives (Hamarin is technically his great paternal uncle but by not belonging to the Kasimma noble bloodline, he is considered to be a political relative like everyone else in the clan). However, even though everyone knows about Spaulding's human ancestry, he never knew he had surviving noble relatives that need his help. Even though Richard quickly becomes fascinated by the strange kingdom, Spaulding has to find the way to return both Richard and Nelida to their birth nation of Ayrtain because of the risk of damaging diplomatic relations.

Spaulding is brave, loyal, an excellent swordsman and a good friend. He is however at the same time obsessively stubborn and taciturn in his decisions which causes him a lot of problems in the series in particular with Lord Froylan and King Salman. He is severely ignorant about human customs having never left his country before and his poor human language penmanship skills are a running gag in the series. While his loyalty is pure without ill intentions, he does on occasion speak poorly of his best friend Trevilin. Although he dislikes his orphaned relatives that have disrupted his peaceful lifestyle, he soons grows fond of them which causes the many chain of events that move the story forward.

Spaulding is not only impressive because he is a rare dual mage. It's explained during the series that phantom beasts with the ability of flight are moderately rare and over the course of several decades, he managed to only summon the wings granting him the ability to fly in the air with them.

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