viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

Is it an Ominous Book Series or not Goodreads?

Goodreads sort of frustrates me. The website indeed serves a great purpose to be both a social network of book readers (although I haven't really formed friendships with anyone on the site or posted much in the groups, it seems to be a great mingling place for other people). One of the big draws of this website is that people without credit cards such as teenagers can write reviews which is something they can't do on Amazon. I know, Amazon has a very good reason why they have that policy which is to skirt spambots, but most people that take the time to review books don't abuse the system as much.

On one hand, Goodreads fills out a huge void that in any way will help authors connect with potential readers.

The qualm I have with the website pertains a lot to my book series. It seems like they screwed up in more than one thing. For starters, they placed the Spanish translation of An Ominous Book as the predilected version. The covers of both versions are identical, but it's going to confuse a gargantum of readers who might shy away from a much needed review. I can't find the way to fix that problem even as an author. I published the Spanish translation after the English version so I don't know if that affected things.

Second, they epicly screwed up the title of the book series. It's not an Ominous Series. It's an Ominous Book Series. *Quiet grumbles*

The paperback editions of the books were listed separate. Amazon did the same for some reason but it would be nice if they could fuse them together so that readers that prefer to read physical books know that they exist. The paperback books don't even include the cover!!! How will people know they exist?

Finally, I published Quandary in December but they haven't included it in the series. Technically, it's as if I never wrote that book. Frustrating to say the least.

I wonder how can a mere mortal get this fixed. I could request the website for librarian privileges, but with my new job that I start in 10 days, I don't think I can make a huge time compromise. If someone that reads this rants knows someone that can fix this for me, I'll be super grateful!

Click on the link to the Goodreads page of my first book in English HERE.

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Lastly, I finally got a smartphone for my new job which made my friends elated. I'm currently playing around with Pokemon GO and learning how to use the Wats Ooops or whatever that is. My best friend pleaded with me to put a real avatar for Whats Oops and I knew very well what that meant. He wanted me to draw Lord Damantin, arguably his favorite character from my series and I couldn't say no to his endless begging. I hope you guys enjoyed the drawing half as much as I did when I drew it!

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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