miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

What's the big hooplah with Fate/Stay?

I don't know if it's because of my age or that I grew up with 80's and 90's anime and the things that I expect in an anime are simply different from the stuff being bombarded these days, but I simply can't get myself into this specific anime.

At first sight, the first Fate/Stay series had everything I would want for a popcorn action fest: good animation, great character designs, magic and an interesting story that is loosely based on Christianity. I'll even forgive the overt moe-ness surrounding some of the female characters because they strive to aim this show at more mature audiences that don't settle with just some other dumb fanservice slapstick comedy.

I truly believed I was going to like this series and so, I watched the first two episodes of the original series. I was bored out of my mind.

A secret religious society where the characters posess magic, it initially gave me a vibe that reminded me of Trinity Blood (without the emo vampires in priestly garb). I don't mind some talking because I'm a hardcore fan of Gundam which prides itself on character development. However, this anime was so boring, I just had to give up. Maybe if I had seen this show back in 2012 when I worked in a village without internet, tv and pretty much nothing better to do over growing corn in the backyard, I would have continued watching it out of despairing boredom, but unfortunately I had other shows to keep me happy and never gave it a second chance.

Fast forward two months ago, and some people at my job were watching the new Saber series (is it a sequel?) on Netflix claiming it's the best show ever and I truly made an attempt to watch an episode out of politeness. Damn, they just stand there talking about the Holy Grail is super important and some dude is a mage whatever and they are just standing there talking, talking, talking. It's so profound, isn't it?

Maybe I'm just being cruelly unfair to a series that has a lot more to offer other than characters in elaborate costumes just talking to eachother for 20 minutes about some super important future event that never seems to happen, but I have been unable to find this series to be interesting. The animation for today's standards seems to be pretty good, they obviously put their money into this work. However, given everyone is talking nonstop doesn't seem to be hard to animate. Just use the good old tricks of older cell animation anime and recycle cells over and over again.

There is probably something about this show that I have been completely incapable to appreciate given it has a huge fan following. But again, I don't like that One Piece has been running for 700 episodes and Luffy has still been unable to locate the mystical treasure either. Maybe I should cut down on the anime running these days because clearly I can't appreciate it (I did love Yuri on Ice and Fafner never let's me down) and stick to reading fantasy novels.

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