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Leilandy Aethinford, a recurring villain

Full name: Leilandy Aethinford
Race: Human
Occupation: Head of the Aethinford family in Ayrtain, usurper queen of Ayrtain, warlord's wife
Amgic afifnity element: Earth
Phantom Beast: Urga (resembles a large golem)

If you have reached the end of the first novel of An Ominous Book Series, you realize Richard bumps into a blonde girl that he never met before. Leilandy doesn't play any importance in the first novel, but her strange stone collar probably saved her life.

The third surviving member of the Ayrtainian royal family, she starts to have friction with the Earlrose siblings because she believes she deserves to become the queen due to her age even though Richard has a stronger blood claim. Forced to endure a grueling ordeal due to Ayrtain's strange customs when a king dies, her initial disdain for Richard's immaturity grows stronger with each passing day.

Initially cordial to Trevilin, she requests the jolly elf to train her in sorcery who agrees to the condition once the mourning period ends. With an acute talent for sorcery, she awakens her mana and soon summons her Urga for the first time.

Little did everyone know, her phantom beast hasn't grown in size absurdly quickly because of her innate talent. Vincent notices something strange happens when he uses sorcery near her presernce when she wears her prized stone collar. He soon suspects something is amiss when he quickly runs out of mana everytime she is nearby.

The sweet yet mature girl eventually returns to her family estate and discovers something amazing in a locked room in the basement: her deceased mother Sarahi had a small lab that was filled with chemical ingredients. It didn't take long for her to locate her mother's most deepest secret: Sarahi had scattered papers all over the lab with the recipe to create söma, the mysterious potion that can awaken sorcery.

Armed with a powerful bargaining tool, she allies herself with a loyal knight of her family named Ralph who agrees to help her claim the throne in the condition that she teaches him how to use sorcery.

Her plan comes into action when Nelida confesses that she purposely murdered her family. Leilandy attempts to attack Nelida with her Urga, but her beast is easily defeated and Nelida escapes to the Haraaldi wastelands.

Armed with a viable excuse to arrest Richard for alleged conspiracy, she forces her cousin to live in house arrest in his old family estate while she slowly obtains the loyalty of Ayrtainians. Meanwhile, she begins a plan to murder her cousin and claim the throne as her own but things don't turn out as she planned and becomes forced to request her arch-nemesis King Salman's help to invade the Haraaldi lands and defeat Nelida.

Things don't exactly go as planned and she is forced to leave Nelida alone and ponders what became of Richard who managed to flee Ayrtain with Vincent's help. During the entire one year voyage that Richard lives in exile, she is arranging for her coronation on her birthday. However Richard isn't going to allow her to get away with it...

Leilandy is rather interesting even though I personally dislike her. She miraculously survives the crash with only two surviving cousins that she never met before. Forced to endure a grueling ordeal during Ayrtain's national mourning, her initial disdain for Richard turns into hatred. She seems to act cordial with Trevilin and Siri during theirbrief visits, but it's in reality just for convinience in the hopes Trevilin teaches her how to use sorcery.

Leilandy grows up and becomes a cruel woman in the 5th novel A Calamity. Forced into exile from Richard, she ends up in Hataraji and marries a warlord named Kumar out of mutual convinience. When Trevilin foolishly enters Hataraj to spy on her, she takes advantage of her fully developed sorcery and imprisons her in Kumar's palace. She always had a huge hatred of elves and she lashes her revenge on poor Trevilin that began the whole series of events of the novels when he brought the Earlrose siblings to Spaulding's castle instead of locating another Ayrtainian noble family to adopt them.

She's evil, wicked and cruel, but deep down she's a person that suffered great pain when her family cruelly died. The events that she triggers continue to have lingering efefcts even in the 6th novel...

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