lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

A July 2017 fantasy book giveaway!

It's been a while since my book has last been in a giveaway. I love participating in them because not only my newslatter gets tons of new subscribers that could possibly become new fans of my work, I get to nab free copies of interesting books for my huge TBR pile.

Grab a free fantasy book today!

From July 1st-31st 2017. Click HERE!!!

On an unrelated note, I am officially on vacations. They will sadly be very brief but I'm feeling very eager to continue writing the missing scenes of the unfinished 7th novel Harlequins. I also wish to draw a little bit so if you haven't subscribed to my newslatter to be among the selected few that get free ARC copies and other freebies, click HERE!

My paperback giveaway was a success and congrats to Becky Roe that won the super rare autographed copy of An Ominous Book. I'm thinking of doing autographed poster art that will be exclusive to my newsletter members. Be sure to subscribe here!

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