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Character profile: Trevilin

It's been a long time since I don't write a character profile even though An Ominous Book has dozens of them. Painting a drawing on Photoshop might be a satisfying activity, but it takes forever to paint something from scratch. Therefore, I decided to simply draw by hand on this occasion.

Name: Trevilin
Race: Elf
Associated Clan: Chirino
Birthday: May13th
Bloodtype: O
Sorcery: Earth
Phantom Beast: Javelin (resembles a large boar)
Occupation: Ranger/War Prisoner/Royal Paige
Known relatives: His family is alive but nothing else is known about them

Spaulding's self professed best friend, Trevilin can be a sort of a mouthfull. He's a sufficiently competant ranger, but his combat skills are above average at best according to Seiran. As an earth mage, he's heavily dependant on being in close contact with soil to use sorcery which causes several misshaps during the story.

An Ominous Book begins when Trevilin arrives at Spaulding's castle one autumn day accompanied by two human orphaned children named Richard and Nelida. After confessing to Spaulding the children are his distant blood relatives, he returns back to his military post only to be punished by his supervisor Lord Yuhara from sneaking out of work without permission.

Trevilin appears once again to save the day when Spaulding and the children were trapped inside of a cave on the way to the Ayrtainian border. He then joins the group and befriends the Antunian family in Ayrtain taking advantage of his familiarity with human customs.

After suffering a devastating neck wound halfway into the first book, he is forever left with a speech handicap and forcibly retired. Not much is known about Trevilin's past, except that he served to work as a servant in the Chirino Clan Leader's castle and left his birth city centuries ago for unknown reasons. He eventually befriended Hamarin and Lord Noeru and has known Spaulding his entire life.

In the second novel Separation, Trevilin is distressed after hearing news about Spaulding's imprisonment. His close friend Lord Seiran urges him to be patient while her mother Saiylan attempts to convince King Salman to allow him to visit his friend. Left with few other options, he decides to risk his freedom by quietly leaving the Elf Kingdom from a tertiary country and locates Richard who has become the new king of Ayrtain.

After hearing news that Richard and Nelida cannot remember the special sorcery training Spaulding gave to them, he and Siri devise a plan to help the children recover their magic with disatrous results.

In the third novel Exile, Trevilin encounters Spaulding, Richard and Herb in their self imposed exile and tries in vain to convince his friend from murdering Nelida. After seeing the tragic aftermath, Trevilin falls into a coma and now Richard must team up with Froylan, Owen, Dezan, Siri and Seiran to locate the one object in the entire world that might save Trevilin's life.

Trevilin becomes a pivotal character in the 4th novel Diaspora as Spaulding's royal secretary and closest confidant. When Spaulding recovers his memories of the past 6 years, he throws his friend in Eurfouyr Prison only to release him one month afterwards.

Trevilin doesn't take this behavior from his friend very well and chooses to leave the kingdom without telling anyone what he plans to do. He eventually reaches a port with the intention to visit Hataraj so that he could garner some useful military intel for Spaulding and Richard, but Leilandy eventually captures him.

After spending a hellish year of imprisonment under very harsh conditions, he is miraculously rescued by Lord Garain and brought to Ayrtain. However, Trevilin's emotional state is too unstable and Dezan proposes to Spaulding that Garain should take care of his friend in the countryside which he grudgingly agrees.

While the emaciated elf has begun to recover from nearly starving to death, he encounters the most unusual visitor: a dark-skinned elf with grey hair and blood red eyes. After informing Garain about the mysterious voyager, Garain locates the elf and realizes the visitor is Lord Damantin.

When Trevilin learns this truth, he manages to convince Damantin to remain in Aetherfeld Castle in order to get to know him better. Damantin starts to show a softer side to his personality from Trevilin's kindness and ultimately helps to convince him to remain in the Elf Kingdom.

In the 6th novel Quandary, Trevilin continues to work alongside Spaulding and tries to voice his opinion when he disagrees with some of Spaulding's politically motivated decisions. However, his appreciation for his friend is genuine and shares some touching moments in Spaulding's side.

Trevilin's phantom beast is a Javelin which is a sort of large green boar with 6 tusks and hollow black eyes. His Javelin can use its tail as a weapon and runs absurdly fast. Despite the speed of his beast, he is only moderately capable of combat.

His choice of weapon is a mace and he spends his free time living in Tindenfarel Palace or visiting human nations.

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