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A new writing project

I'm quite the oddball writer indeed.

While the normal person can take years to write their debut novel (and I'm merely talking about the 2% of aspiring authors that start to write a book that actually finish their draft), I wrote an absurd 6 books in 2 years.

And if writing the books in an odd order wasn't enough (I wrote the 4th book first and the 2nd last), I am yet doing another strange thing.

I garner more writing inspiration when I am under a huge degree of emotional stress and my current job is indeed supplying me with a new wave of ideas (too bad it doesn't come with more free time to write). I had a dream the other day that has a potential writing plot idea for a novella. I'm thinking of linking the plot with some themes from An Ominous Book without it being a sequel as such. Kind of like how Rogue One is sorta related to Star Wars without being directly related to the main plot. I still have to refine what I'll do with the story, so many possibilities.

It's well-known that I have an unfinished 7th novel. I have around 70% of the novel written and the ending, but I haven't touched the epic battle. I have a broad idea what I want to do, but I can't seem to glue the individual scenes together in my head. Hopefully I will tackle that huge problem someday and publish the 7th novel Harlequins.

Getting to sweeter topics, I have written the first 2000 words today of a sort of related prequel novel starring Damantin. My best friend urged me to write more about him and I have finally started the project. I don't know how long it will take because of time constraints but I will try to make an effort to write at least 500 words a week. That amount seems to be doable.

As commemoration to celebrate the first baby step to more novels, I made two drawings.

Evil Nelida was to appease my eager friend because he loves her, but the Damantin drawing is a treat because he is the protagonist to this short novel. I'm ecstatic that Tioja gets to appear in the initial scene. I loved writing his character in the 5th and 6th novel and having a chance to get back into his head once again even if it's from Damantin's POV is exhilliarating to say the least.

The fact that Froylan and Spaulding are unfortunately absent from this novel means I both have the time and a need to focus on other characters.

A story that occurs in Almjarhad 180 years before Damantin sets foot in the Elf Kingdom, it's the brief story of how his birth city is attacked by a Hataraji batallion and how he and the other grey elves that can summon demonic beasts manage to liberate their city.

Many characters from the clan reappear in this story (Damantin, Tioja, Jurhim, Rumirum and Adinjandanir) along with other grey elves that can summon demonic beasts. This part will be the hardest for me to make because I simply haven't thought about these new characters and their special abilities yet.

Lest to say, I'll try to write a reasonable 500 words a week. My aim is to hit around the 40,000 word mark at the most. If you wish to be an ARC reader, please reply to this post or join my mailing list!


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