jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

A lot of people are enjoying Exile

I feel ecstatic that despite being a mere preview, a lot of people have shown interest in the 3rd Ominous Book Series novel Exile and downloaded it.

What is the plot of the third book?

It's sort of like a road trip where three characters begin a long voyage to find what they have been looking for.

King Richard was forced to flee Ayrtain along with his servant Vincent and reaches the Red Clan of the Elf Kingdom in order to train his nascent sorcery with the mysterious mortal elf Lord Yu. He later on begins a tireless journey to locate Lord Spaulding.

Spaulding is living in exile as well. Tortured and forced to live in isolation in a maximum security prison for nearly 5 years, he flees to the Garardmarjin territory and encounters a strange woman named Isadora that falls in love with him. With the Elf King deceased, Spaulding only has a few months at the most to fulfill a mission he set for himself during his imprisonment before the Äimite guard tracks him down.

The villainous Lord Froylan has his own agenda. Humilliated and enraged that King Salman was murdered, he is counting the days before the sacred National Ring chooses the new Elf King in order to avenge Spaulding. Little does he know that things don't turn out the way he expected and he must form an unlikely alliance with Richard to save the Elf Kingdom from chaos.

Whereas the 2nd book Separation is grim and dark, Exile retakes the adventure elements that I love from my fantasy series and explore things from the characters. Some prior issues are resolved whereas a whole new can of worms open with huge consequences in the sequel books.

Interested in an exciting epic fantasy with lots of adventure, intrigue and magic?

Why not download a preview of Exile and see for yourself why people have been giving favorable reviews of An Ominous Book?

Read a preview of An Ominous Book #3 Exile HERE.


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