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Why do writers love amazon reviews?

Why do writers love an Amazon review?

5 reviews prove to the writer that people have actually read their work.
10 reviews and other readers believe that the book is worth a peek.
20 reviews and the writer now believes in their own work.
50 reviews and both the writer and the readers join up, go down the pub, and drink copious amounts of alcohol.  
100 reviews and the magic flows. The dragons fly in the fan mail every day, the imps open it and deal with all the messages of adoration, and the elves organise the never ending party before promoting their own website called, ‘You call, we answer, we fly anywhere, anytime, 24/7.’

If you want the magic of words to captivate you, please leave a review for all your favourite authors.

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I really liked this blog post. My first book An Ominous Book only has two reviews, both of them 4 stars and honest. Some excerpts from the two reviews:

"A highly recommended book, an original and creative story, which demonstrates the great talent of its author. With a story that catches you from start to finish ... and definitely the unexpected ending, it leaves you with a huge desire to read the whole saga."

"This book was a rollicking, fun, good time that is made for kids of all ages to enjoy!

You have elves, castles, magic, sword fights, magical beasts, criminals, danger, laughter, fun and adventure. This would make an exceptional movie series or television show. There is no bullying of the children and the fun tends to outweigh anxious parts, for the most part.

My favorite scene is the rescue of Richard from the criminals. It is brilliant and I read it twice! Just fantastic how the Water Sage used the sword to wipe out the criminals."

If you thought these two reviews are enticing enough but you're not convinced, why not see it in goodreads.com?

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