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An Ominous Book review by N.N. Light

My book was reviewed by well respected book reviewer N. N. Light who wrote an honest review of the first book of my series. Here is a post of the review:

Title: An Ominous Book (An Ominous Book series, book 1)
Author: Nancy Foster
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Young Adult
My Review:
This book was a rollicking, fun, good time that is made for kids of all ages to enjoy!
You have elves, castles, magic, sword fights, magical beasts, criminals, danger, laughter, fun and adventure.  This would make an exceptional movie series or television show.  There is no bullying of the children and the fun tends to outweigh anxious parts, for the most part.
My favorite scene is the rescue of Richard from the criminals.  It is brilliant and I read it twice!  Just fantastic how the Water Sage used the sword to wipe out the criminals.
I didn’t care for Froylan or King Salman, for the most part.  The end of the book lost me.  I can’t comprehend how ******* (bleeped character name to avoid spoliers) becomes the most powerful witch/warlock and can destroy everything.  I didn’t enjoy the ending and that took this book from 5 stars to 4 stars.  Still, a fun read overall.
My Rating:  4 stars
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Quite frankly I'm very excited with this review and also surprised that the reviewer enjoyed Richard's rescue so much that he read it a second time.

I'm ecstatic that he detested Salman and Froylan. I wanted both of them to be equally detestable and yet Froylan is a prominent character in each and every one of the 6 published books. He becomes even more detestable in the second book Separation but his path takes a huge turn in the subsequent books. You can say that he *almost* stops being an utterly detestable villain or... misunderstood antihero of sorts.

Salman is detestable in every way (he is even worse in Separation) and the flashback scenes show he was always cunning and cruel. Maybe I'll write a book about his past where he was *slightly* more decent.

As for the totally unexpected conclusion to the book, some people loved it, others will expectedly feel totally confused or frustrated which is something I fully understand. In a way, if you can cause strong emotions to a reader, then perhaps you did something right as an author.

You'd be surprised to know the surprising conclusion of book 1 was the first scene I imagined when I created this massive miniverse and the consequences in Separation were ideas that were floating in my head.

I think the first book has the most surprising finale whereas the ending of each sequel seems to satisfy their specific plotlines but without unsettling the reader.

The reviewer stated his favorite three characters from the book:

#1 Lord Spaulding
#2 Lord Seiran
#3 Richard Earlrose

I decided to make this little drawing as a thank you note. ;) I was busy making a colorized version on Photoshop but I yanked my mouse from its wiring and I think I finally busted it. Damn.

If you are curious to purchase An Ominous Book in order to agree or disagree with this review, click HERE to see it on Amazon.

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