domingo, 12 de marzo de 2017

The reviews for An Ominous Book are starting to come!

Okay, well, maybe it's just 1 review on goodreads, but nonetheless I'm very excited to get an honest opinion of my first book who particularly not only loved the totally unexpected cliffhanger at the end, he also loved Nelida when she turns into a villain.

If you have read An Ominous Book, feel free to write your review (even if you hated it) on Goodreads or Amazon. If you write reviews on your blog, please comment on this page featuring the link to give your blog some publicity.

As a special treat of this fantasic mini celebration, I'm going to please everyone that loved Creepy Nelida with a drawing that is inspired in a real scene from the second book of my series, Separation.

Yes, the scene of this drawing really does occur in my book. Even though An Ominous Book is primarily an Epic Fantasy series with a huge Japanese cultural influence, lots of magic and political strife, there is a dabble of horror here and there, particularly in the second book. I don't wish to spoil what sorts of evil deeds Nelida does but she is quite a baddy!!!

I will even propose my diehard fans another goodie, if you read the book and review it, tell me which scene you particularly really liked from my story and I might consider drawing it for you!

Until next time!

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