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Diaspora is free this weekend only on Amazon

You would probably be surprised to know that the 4th installment of my series is actually the book I wrote first (I know that I'm sort of strange, deal with it). I had a rough idea of where I wanted the story to go, but a part of me wanted to write about Spaulding's fully changed life and how his strained relationship with Froylan began to take a more positive note from this book forward.

I didn't even know what to name Froylan at first whenh I wrote the initial scene of this book. I just knew he was blonde, tall, very muscular, wears a ridiculous short black cape all of the time, cunning and a badass psychopath that causes Spaulding all sorts of trouble in the earlier books. It was during a facebook feed where I was arguing about the Saint Seiya Soul of Gold series where someone that posted on the thread had a username that caught my attention. I wasn't fully sure that Froylan was the right name but the name just kept on ringing in my head over and over again and in that very moment, I knew that I found the perfect name for the character I love to write about the most in my novels.

Another little tidbit of background information is that I initially didn't want Froylan to be so cruel to Spaulding during his imprisonment in the castle which occurs in Separation. I initially imagined Spaulding wore elegant beige robes and he was more like a forced guest of an elegant palace that was treated somewhat well instead of the harsh life he suffered inside of a super max military prison.

When I finally got to writing Separation, I fully realized the only way to force Spaulding to move the story forward and trigger the critical events of the 3rd book Exile was to make his life so miserable that he was left without any other choice.

I think Diaspora is the stepping stone to the conversion of the pace of my series of how Spaulding wishes to mend the errors of Salman and it ends with the exhilarating introduction to my favorite character of the series: Lord Damantin.

To celebrate the inclusion of the first review of An Ominous Book on Goodreads.com, I'm giving away Diaspora for free this weekend. If you feel sufficiently interested in reading the first book for free, you will be able to nab a copy if you join my mailing list. The link to join my mailing list is in the side menu.

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