viernes, 13 de enero de 2017

Looking for reviews of An Ominous Book

I just got a really awesome package in the mail today: a proof copy of the physical versions of Books 3 and 4 of An Ominous Book. I am really impressed at the speed that Amazon sent them, they claimed they wouldn't be arriving for another 2 weeks and I merely purchased them around 10 days ago. Awesome! The physical books haven't appeared on Amazon yet, but I'm certain it will happen soon. They look awesome.

I'm fixing the final touches of the physical versions of books 1 and 5. I have been awfully busy at my job and I got ill not from one ailment, but a total of 3 ailments this past week. I'm used to having problems with my asthma but the other two really lowered my energies to proofread the 5th book sooner. I still haven't even begun the final proofread of book 2 yet. Damn illnesses that show up from nowhere.

Why didn't I start with book 1 like normal humans would?

Simple, because I sent cash to get an ISBN for book 1, but it's been 6 weeks and I haven't gotten any news from the mail if my request was approved or not. Screw it, let's just get the book out there before I start my resideny in a few weeks!

While I get my 1st book approved which should be during this weekend, why don't you take a look at An Ominous Book and write a review? Readers don't know this, but reviews are super important for authors, even if the review is really awful it entices shoppers some curiosity to at least give the book a chance.

I'll probably make a gazillion times more cash when I finish my Anesthesiology residency, but I love to write and hope more people enjoy An Ominous Book.

The best part???

I'm offering the first two chapters of the first book of the series on instafreebie FOR FREE. No virus, no catches, just give the book a chance and be super awesome and write a review on amazon or the book's official listing in

Check out the link for your copy of the book on:

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