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Awesome book giveaway promos

Hello everyone!

Today An Ominous Book is participating in its very first massive author giveaway via Instafreebie. The theme in this particular giveaway is diverse protagonists meaning a main character in all of the books are either an ethnic minority, disabled or LBGT.

It is revealed very early in the first chapter of An Ominous Book that Spaulding despite his physical appearance is a mixed race elf from a long deceased human ancestor. While he retains the full physical appearance of an elf, his left eye has slight heterochromia which easily brands him as a mortal among his people which is something he has always hated about himself.

He knows fully well he is different from the immortals of his nation because his father Noeru was already elderly when he was born and perished while he was growing up.

I personally liked the idea of writing an elf fantasy based on the perspective of a hybrid that not only has to put up with the discreet tints of racism because of his mixed heritage, he also knows from personal experience that his youth is limited which drives a lot of the plot of the story.

In later volumes of my series, we get to see what happens when pureblood elves have children with demonic humanoid beasts known as harlequins. It is hinted in the 4th novel Diaspora that harlequin elves are treated like outcasts by a lot of humans because of their strange physical appearance.

My book is currently running in two other really great clean YA and fantasy promo giveaways. Why not take a look? There are a lot of really great books running right now!

 Fantasy promo

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