jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

An Ominous Book #6 Quandary has a cat lover

Did you know that Lord Ivero, the blind cousin of Lord Adinjandanir loves cats? He's the first and so far only character in An Ominous Book Series that owns a cat. Of course, Ivero is a bit of a strange person and he gave his cat a ridiculous name: Mister Misifus!

He utterly confused the poor Äimite guard that had the misfortune of keeping a watch over him after he fainted in Lord Spaulding's palace who didn't understand what a Misifus was.

Later in the novel when Ivero and Kintero are arrested to be used as hostages by Spaulding in order to entice the Grey Clan in locating Tioja, we get to enjoy two scenes where Misifus appears in the spotlight. We know that Misifus is a cinnamon colored shorthair that loves to be cuddled and treated like a king!

I'm certain Ivero's cat would look just as adorable as the kitty in the photo below.

Has the cute kitten enticed your curiosity to read Lord Ivero's adventures? Quandary is available via Kindle Unlimited!

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