viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

An Ominous Book #1 Free Friday and Saturday

Today is Friday and with that a lot of people are giving away copies of their ebooks to attract much needed new readers. The relations between the US and Mexico are really bad lately and due to the strength of the US dollar, I am earning much less money than when I graduated from med school several years ago.

If I could get an increased viewership of my books with positive word-of-mouth, I could earn a much-needed supplemental income that will help me as an upcoming resident. (Medical books don't come cheap)

So enough of the boring stuff, click on the link below and take a look at how Lord Spaulding must meddle with the uncomfortable truth that he has surviving distant human blood relatives and all of the trouble he stumbles upon to bring them back to their country before King Salman and the fearsome Äimite guard finds out!

Yes, I have the books on paperback as well although there is no promo for them. They indeed look great BTW. The links for the paperbacks are in the right side menu of my blog.

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