miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016

My first amazon ad campaign

I will admit it. I'm totally new to self-publishing. I have owned a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for over 3 years now (I have to take off my hat to Samsung because I use that machine all of the time and it still works awesomely well) and it was only until very recently during an Amazon Prime day sale that I decided to hire KU and try out the Kindle app that automatically came included in the tablet.

While after self-publishing An Ominous Book merely one month ago I had a few bumps on the road mainly because PDF files end up converting awfully in the Kindle because nobody I personally know self publishes books (heck, more like almost nobody in Mexico reads books much less actually takes the annoyance to write them). I am in unchartered territory and learning on the way. I quickly learned how to use Calibre and find the software to be nifty albeit the italics of my books unfortunately don't appear in Android. Hopefully a new version of the software will someday fix that problem.

I don't have a marketing background but I cannot deny that Amazon's ad campaign is helping me get my book series out to more people. In just around 10 days I went from initially everything in 0's (indeed the fact that the US Elections finally ending and XMAS shopping season starting helped) to over 1500 impressions with 15 clics. The fact that I am getting a 1% clic to impression rate is really good and I hope some people will give the first book a chance.

All in all I have been insanely busy these past few weeks reuniting bundles of documents and interviewing at the hospital I will hopefully do my residency someday so sadly it's a bit hard to focus all of my time to advertising but the fact that over 1000 people in just a few days now knows my book series exists gives me hope more people might wish to buy it.

Right now I have a problem with my laptop cable that seems to have finally died but I'm hoping to find a compatible cable in the boonies so that I can draw the artwork of the back cover and release a paperback version of An Ominous Book as soon as possible. My spanish translation of An Ominous Book seems to be almost fully complete and I hope to get the copyright in 2 weeks tops because most of my aquaintances cannot speak english very well.

At any rate I decided to take a quick look at my 4th book Diaspora and felt glad that my Ominous Book add popped up.

If you are also curious about my fantasy book series clic here for book 1.

Likewise when you visit the first book the add for the 4th book also appears. Nice!

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