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5th book of An Ominous Book series "A Calamity" is out!

While it's indeed true that an author should drop all of the eggs of their basket due to the inevitable reality I'm going to change my job and possibly move to a new city I will not have sufficient free time in the near future. It is important for me to publish as many books as possible or else I might never get anything finished.

Curiously enough I wrote A Calamity in less than one month albeit editing the book over and over again took a much longer amount of time than that. Of all of the books from my series this is the one I enjoyed to read & write the most. In a way I feel like this is Damantin's personal voyage of self discovery. When I began to write the book I had a few rough ideas and then things just simply fell in their place one by one.

I wanted to exploit the drama with Lord Garain's distrust of Damantin's unusually enough innocous intentions but it wasn't until I surpriginsly typed in the tale that Garain's actions nearly caused Damantin's death that I realized I opened a huge thing in the story: Harlequin elves depend on continuously drinking fresh blood in order to survive.

I've always felt deeply fascinated with dark elves but fantasy stories usually fall short with them. Either they never really explain why they physically look different from the average fair elf or just paint a brush and claim they are all evil. The Grey Clan however is different.

In the 4th book of my series Diaspora we discover that the only pureblood elves that escaped the kingdom from certain death were all male. After the harlequin clan that temporarily housed them in Outambila were slaughtered and evicted from their homelands they were left with no other choice than to breed with each other to keep both clans alive. By fusing their blood and culture a completely new clan evolved into the current Grey Clan.

While all harlequins shed their skin every few years the blood disease that affects all hybrids harlequin elves is an important aspect of the story and culture of the clan.

In all aspects I love Damantin's character and while a part of me feels remorse that Richard's importance in the plot became a second priority I have found a character that I simply love to write about.

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