jueves, 14 de septiembre de 2017

Those bastards!

This will be a quick post because I'm not exactly in the mood to be writing something succint. A fellow author in a group had high praises for a free web-ad on known as blasty that searches at random intervals if your copyrighted ebook has been bootlegged.

Now, I previously wrote a post a few months ago that I feel *almost* flattered for the high ratings for An Ominous Book at a bogus website from 564 voters (I check that link every now and then for the lols and it remains fixed at 564 ratings).

Another website has decided to tempt people to download a bootleg copy of Exile and the bastards give it two stars!!!


Now, I have never gotten a 2 star or lower rating on any of my books as far as I know (which possibly proves that I'm not such a shabby author afterall even though I have less than 20 reviews spread over several websites). If a reader considers my books to be really crappy, I don't mind. Sometimes bad publicity can be good publicity because what annoyed one reader will be the cup of tea of another.

But if you're going to bootleg my book, why offer bogus ratings anyways?

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