miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

I hate Kaspersky Antivirus

In the era of archtypical 3 second attention span of a millennial and the upbringing where my generation grew up expecting every company to treat its customers like a king such as Amazon (whereas companies that treat customers like crap such as Blockbuster ran out of business), you'd think companies would learn from Amazon.

I mean, it's just the 6th most powerful and wealthy company in the world.

And yet once again because I suffer from something beyond agravvating to my limited patience every year, I wanted to vent my frustration somewhere. Kaspersky Antivirus is a really great antivirus program but the customer service of the company is worse than crap. If you have had a good experience with kaspersky, maybe it's because it's less gawdawful in the country of your residence. I'm specifically focusing on the Latin American website where the code of law is: we don't care about customer satisfaction, give us your money.

Last year I downloaded the total security program where it supposedly has more bells and whistles and included a discounted Android protection service for 2 years. The software worked fine and when the code expired, I did autorenewal from within the program.

Lo and behold! Kaspersky is such a "brilliant" company that they sold me an activation code for a much cheaper and less artsy fartsy  antivirus program from their repertoire. I didn't buy this code from the internet website, I did it from their total security software. You'd think as a company if you had a client that was willing to fork 49 USD for a fancier program, you'd sell them the 49 USD program.

Oh, but not Kaspersky! They sold me the cheaper 24 USD regular antivirus. I thought the cheaper price was a client loyalty coupon code.

So I purchase without knowing a new code for the "wrong" program without realizing Kaspersky has like 40 gazillion  "slightly" different antivirus programs that have almost the exact same software name. Obviously the fancy smancy program didn't accept the activation code and I was left without an antivirus for over 10 days without understanding WTF is going on.

I need my computer for my employment and I can't be without a computer just because a company like Kaspersky sucks so bad.

10 days passed and I was expectedly riled. I asked a coworker from my job what is a fast way to get my voice heard when it came to complaining about crappy customer service and she suggested me to open a twitter account. Before that day, I never even bothered to visit that website, I never cared about it but I followed her advice and created my current account and started spamming Kaspersky with hate messages.

After fighting online for hours, I finally grabbed a hold of someone from the company that realized they sold me the cheaper antivirus program and sent me a link to download it. I managed to get a functional antivirus on my computer but it left a really awful spoiled flavor in my mouth. I mean, I spent $ for almost 2 weeks of an antivirus service that the company didn't want to pay me back or anything from no fault of mine.

This is the kind of piss poor customer service that made many companies end up bankrupt. And now, I wanted to take advantage of a 30% discount for renewal and once again, the activation code the company gave to me seems to be utterly worthless. I just hate this!

I am going to have to bow my head to the crap Kaspersky overlords because 22 usd is 22 usd, but I swear! 2018 I'm changing antivirus company. One company that offers a good program that doesn't treat its customers like crap. I always had a good experience with ESET, I might go back with them.

Kaspersky SUCKS!

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