sábado, 29 de octubre de 2016

Chile's amazing desertic landscape

Chile: An underrated destination for lovers of the backdoors:

This brief post is a bit off-topic from The Ominous Book series but a lot of scenes from my series are inspired by the Atacama Desert. It is not only the driest desert in the world (although most of the tourist spots have some rain a few weeks a year) but it has a lot of amazing places to visit among Andean flamingos, salt lakes (albeit not as amazing as the ones in Bolivia they are still great), impeccable stargazing, sandboarding tours, the tallest geysers in the world and even a lagoon where you can float in it just like the Dead Sea in Israel. San Pedro is just a 45 minute bus ride from Calama which is a 2 hour flight from Santiago.

More related to my book, the second book from my fantasy series "An Ominous Book" is finally online and as an exciting gesture that I finally have the first 4 books online on KDP Select I'm going to keep the first book at only 0.99 dollars.

See the first book here!

Happy traveling!

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