jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

Book 3's cover is now ready!

I finally got the gears going despite my hectic job schedule and finished the cover for the third book of my series very, very late last night, If only this snail speed internet in the boonies were a tad closer to 500 KB per second... I am not greedy, I don't need 1 MB por second on a weekday, but please, please, please upload the file already!

Okay, ranting the daily dosage of crummy internet speed and appaulling cellphone signal out of my system for today I do love the facial expression of Froylan on my drawing. Even the layer without all of the shadowing seems to reinforce how I always imagined him to be in the books.

Now if only I could get the crude drawing from the cover of my 2nd book aligned once and for all I would have the first 4 books on the Kindle before I go on a very much needed vacation. I have been cruising on some blogs and see a lot of new authors try to dabble in short stories. I have never done such a thing before but it would be fun to write some backstories of various characters of my series. Jamarnid's story would definitely be up my list. I'll think about it.

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