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A small book editorial in Mexico called "Palabras Palibros"

One of my book fans sent the link to this small scale book editorial for me to look at. The editorial is called Palabras Palibros which doesn't seem to have a specific book specialty (aka, as in only focusing on poetry, Sci-Fi & fantasy, romance, non-fiction, etc...) and it has only a few titles.

They not only offer the service to publish your book in ebook and physical format, they also offer translation services to English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

The requirements to send manuscripts seems pretty straightforward. You must show proof that you hold the copyright via the mexican copyright office INDAUTOR (all of my officially published novels have one), and you can either send them via e-mail or print a physical manuscript. They will then decide to decline or accept to publish.

The website doesn't specify much of the details after that except that it seems like you have to provide some cash to print the first edition and then they will take care of the publicity and getting your book in local bookstores. By getting published with them, you get something the average Mexican Indie Author can't easily get: invitation to a highly coveted book convention which could help you gain readers.

I don't know what my book situation would be. They don't specifically state if they are forced to reject books that you previously self published. I guess that as long as you continue to hold the rights and pull off the other edition of the book, they can accept your manuscript. I guess I'd have to email them, just for the sake of curiosity.

What about royalties?

They offer 30% royalties which for a publishing house is quite good. I don't make much of any cash selling the Spanish version of my book on Amazon, so I don't lose anything by at least sending them an e-mail. Createspace is a great service, but they don't ship books to Mexico very easily for some oddball reason. Palabras Palibros doesn't state how many copies they'd print, but if the book sells well, they offer to print the second edition on their own dime.

I am not familiar with any of the novels they have published, but these two seem pretty interesting:

Caballos en Tropel by Juan Carlos Martinez (seems to be a drama novel about a politician that retires to the countryside)

Gesta de luciernagas by Marco Antonio Alfaro del Ángel (seems to be a romance novel taking place in France, a protagonist named Deian is a well respected warrior peasant that wants to marry a noblewoman...)

The books aren't available on Amazon, only by mexican bookstores such as El Sótano. This could have a good and bad result. The book could sell pretty well locally, but you'd still be trad published and get your name out. I notice none of the books from the editorial are listed on goodreads. That isn't very good either because the editorial isn't pushing for the minimal external forces even though they claim to offer marketing services.

All in all, I am grateful for the kind suggestion and decided to give it some well-warranted publicity on my blog. I might think about emailing them sometime. I lose nothing by asking if they are interested in the Spanish version of my novel. I self translated it, but it needs to be professionally revised by a native Spanish speaker. I would be willing to let them improve any grammatical problems with the prose if they are genuinely interested in trad publishing it.

Visit the website HERE.

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