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Harlequin steel

I'm still alive BTW. I haven't updated this blog in... 6 weeks, not that I get a lot of readers anyways.

I'm currently very busy with my regular job so my writing hobby has been left to a standstill.

I would like to write a brief comment about harlequin steel. These amazing swords are hinted in the 5th novel A Calamity by Tioja who explains that a deceased member of his clan named Nurran created weapons that were nearly as strong as true harlequin steel. Tioja brought two spears that were forged by a long lost technique to the final battle for Ayrtain and they proved to enhance the demonic earth magic of Adinjandanir and Murghtada.

While they didn't make a fully lasting dent in the battle, in the very least the two elves easily created an earth dome to separate Kumar's army so that they could fight against Leilandy without interruption. By enhancing her sorcery, Froylan even felt tempted to invite Murpghtada to the guard... an offer that she obviously wasn't very pleased with.

We don't get to see a true harlequin sword until the 6th novel Quandary when Tioja visits his secret bunker and retrieves a strange green sword that once belonged to Lord Jarahad. By returning the cursed sword to Gulraj, Tioja will start to move a plan that affects the unfinished 7th novel...

These swords are both nearly impossible to destroy and harbor strange sorcery that only a swordsman with harlequin blood can fully wield. Good battles featuring these swords await in the 7th novel and while I have not yet revealed how they are made, the forging is done by powerful magic that only a specially trained pureblood harlequin can perform...

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