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A magnificent review of An Ominous Book 2, Separation

This is a new review of the second Ominous Book 2 Separation that is being featured by a prominent blogger/reviewer, Jeyran Main:

"Separation is an epic young adult fantasy novel. It is book two of the An Ominous Book. In the second book, the story focuses on Richard and Spaulding. Richard has to face the fact that all of his family have been deceased and he is only left with his sister and his cousin. Spaulding is imprisoned and is being tortured until he confesses what he knows about the Ayrtainian Family.
The second book certainly takes a darker turn, and more scenes turn the nature of the story into a tenser situation. The pace of the story was steady, and the quality of the storyline was just as good as the first book.
In case you wish to read what I thought of the first book, you can click on the link below.
The story was still fun to read, and the author once again uses her creativity in describing the plot in such a way that was very suitable for its genre. I found Spaulding’s situation to be very interesting and constantly wanted to know what is going to happen to him.
I believe the author has enough material to add more sequels to this story and consequently induce more depth to the descriptiveness of the world built. The fantasy nature of the storyline could then intensify, and that alone would be a standout novel to read.
I recommend this book for young adult readers.
Written by Jeyran Main"
The original review is featured HERE.
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