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Breathing some life into the 7th novel

This post will be real quick. It has been a tireless work that hasn't fully seen the light of day, the book that has taken me the longest amount of time to write (and at currently 143,000 words give or take, my longest book of the series). I was expecting to finish it a year ago and then things simply went to hell.

I hadn't even dabbled on more chapters until as recently as last August, but I actually wrote 1 chapter a while ago. At around 3500 words, I'm still missing the ending of this chapter, but I am pleased with it because it enters the mind of a recurrent supporting character that is always present in each novel but who never gets any real attention. Lord Tameer is present in every novel in a greater or lesser amount of detail (well, the second book is sort of cheating because his name is only briefly mentioned but at least he makes a lasting impression throught the entire series), but we never really get to know him.

He's Froylan's right hand, always keeping the shifts in the capital in order and snooping on the guards that skip their duties. Appearing in the final third of the first novel, we instantly know that he is an earth mage that summons a sort of anteater beast called a Yerjaha although it isn't until the third novel that he seems to take a more prominent role.

Appointed as a captain of the guard that works directly under Froylan's command, he has been barred from the highly coveted Senior guard status (with all of the political power that entails) and has secretly held a bit of a grudge against Spaulding for it because the motive seems to be merely personal for no justifiable reason.

We haven't been able to see him that much in real combat, he usually appears as someone that remains far from the frontline. His participation in the battle during the 5th novel is unknown although it's highly likely he fought in the battlefield because he was sent to assist Senior Lord Eiram in Ayrtain. With a haughty personality, he both alienates characters and yet gains the respect of others. Damantin seems to appreciate him in the 7th novel.

Froylan hints in the 5th novel that a ranger managed to pinpoint his identity and this chapter finally reveals that Tameer is the one that not only recalled his old wanted poster, but he managed to miraculously subdue him and survived unscathed.

An important sidekick that finally gets a brief chance to shine, I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. I'm still missing a lot of chapters, but I feel glad that at least I managed to behead one head of this hydra. Lets see how long it will take before I manage to write another portion of this tale and hopefully finish it... someday.

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