domingo, 8 de octubre de 2017

Something interesting on Goodreads...

I love to read books of varying genres and I've discovered that I also love to write reviews. I'm no professional reviewer and don't make money with this, but as a fledging author, I value the importane of positive criticism and even the bad reviews I've gotten so far have been very constructuve and spot on about my newbie writing mistakes.

I think reviewing books helps authors to not only improve their writing but to also attract potential buyers. The more honest reviews, the more likely they will risk thewir time to see if the book is worth it or not.

It seems like a handful of books I've read and reviewed the past few weeks on goodreads are getting noticed by other users. Some of them already follow me but other reviews have been added to the TBR lists of random people. And I'm not talking about massively popular bestseller books that have hundreds of reviews, I usually read books from unknown authors that have few or no reviews at all.

I don't know if people are deciding to take my reviews seriously, but it's kind of fun to get some attention. I don't know if I should start posting reviews on my blog because I want to focus mostly on my own novels. However, feel free to visit my author page at goodreads and see what I liked or hated.

Check my Goodreads profile HERE.

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