domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2016

The first fanfic of An Ominous Book is a horror

Sure didn't take long for a fan of An Ominous Book to imagine a fanfic story. What I didn't expect was it to be a horror story.

The protagonist is a medic assistant treating Spaulding's leg burn in Tindenfarel which is loosely based on the events of Chapter 7 and 8 of An Ominous Book when a malignant Nelida storms into the OR and demands the medics to amputate Spaulding's left leg for some sick motive.

Obviously the medics believe the little girl is insane to make such a ridiculous demand. And them BAM! Nelida summons her phantom beast and murders hospital staff in seconds splattering blood and body parts in every direction.

The expectedly terrified protagonist that was unharmed hurriedly detaches the entire leg and nervously gives it to her who rushes off with a menacing laughter.

I decided to draw this artwork as I scratched my head what was my fan thinking.

I can only count the days the first yaoi fic pops up somewhere. I'm not sure how I will react when it happens.

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